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Quality is key

Quality Control is a systematic inspection of all your outputs/arrivals of fruit and vegetable merchandise.

To do this, we take a representative sample of the consignment and inspect it in accordance with European standards. The inspection is carried out according to the different codes of the package: date, grower or parcel and the indications of size.

Our method

We also measure various parameters such as pulp pressure, maturity, color, brix degrees, bruises, skin defects, rotting, visible residue, etc. We also take detailed temperature measurements at relevant locations, investigate the stowage of transported goods, and examine container configuration upon arrival or departure.

Our results are very easy to interpret as we assign quality scores from 1 to 6 depending on the condition of the shipment and give indications of the stowage potential of the product (1 being the best).

The benefits of working with us


Our specialized knowledge in the area of ​​fruit and vegetable shipments


Our analyzes are professional, thorough and independent

Full report

You will receive a detailed photo-guided report shortly after the inspection, but in any case within 24 hours


It will strengthen its position in the import market by cooperating with an independent quality control company


Our ability to assess and analyze your fruit in the international market due to the number and variety of fruit and vegetable shipments inspected by us in all producing countries


The size of our company that with the large number of fruit inspectors we can be present every day in numerous places within Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany

We know time is essential. While working with HDG Ibérica, we keep track of your shipment and check your fruit immediately after unloading. 

In any case of damage, we have our own surveyors  at your location in the shortest time possible.